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Timed pen sketch completed with BGM.
Set the timer to 15 minutes but finished within 10 minutes.

Pen: .TOO Coptic  Multiliner Pigment Ink Water & Coptic Proof 0.1


Tea Caddy

Lovely lacquered tea caddy without the tea.  Used more as an ornament than a useful object at the moment.  I need to change that.

Pilot DR Pigment Ink 05 with wash

Skew-whiffy cameras

Cameras before digital.
Six-20 ‘Brownie’ C
Made by Kodak
Model 1946 – 1953

What’s wrong with this sketch?
It’s not quite right.
Which line is wrong?

You guessed it. It should have been in line with the rest.
Getting perspective right is an ongoing challenge.
More sketches needed.

Flat bicycle tyres

I have been pushing this bicycle uphill since last week.

Flat tyre, you ask?
Well no.
Wrong turning?
Well kind of.
BPS, more like.
BPS? What’s that?
Blank Page Syndrome.
Oh. I see. Contagious is it?
Not sure. Maybe. Perhaps you better stand back. Just a bit further…

Pilot DR Pigment Ink Drawing Pen 05 Pen and wash

The cat’s pyjamas

Purring loudly.
I jumped on the couch.
I chased all the birds in the backyard.
I ran halfway up a tree, and carefully down again.
I ran inside through the cat flap.
I hid shredded newspaper behind the couch.
I swatted a spider.

Because I have a follower.
Not a stalker but a “follower.”
My first.
My bowl is ready.
Perhaps I will get chocolate fish with my bowl of milk?
The anticipation is killing me.
But I digress.
I’m exhausted. I’m feeling weak.
I haven’t done this much exercise ever.
I need to paint and sketch more, but first… time for a nap.

Identify my fish

I bought a fish today. Firstly to sketch, secondly to eat.  I wanted a whole fish and I wanted a small one.
Good Friday, the fish market was busy.
Now the sign said “Piper.” It is not a variety I know, but it was the right size and looked like a small mackerel so I bought it.
I got it home and put it straight into the fridge.
Sketching stuff out, fish out of the fridge, out of the bag, and on closer inspection, I was charged for a “mackerel.”  I’m not complaining as it was half the price of the piper.
I looked up piper or garfish and checked the shape, , no, different nose.
Still not sure what I sketched but I’m sticking with “piper,” unless someone can tell me otherwise.  Anyone?

Pilot Pigment Ink Drawing Pen 0.5 and wash