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Stretched out on a hotel towel

Don’t you love stretching out on a hotel towel? Pool side. The biggest decision of the day is whether to roll over now or later. Followed by if I nap now will the sun umbrella cover me for the whole afternoon?
I must be dreaming as the towel is on the bed and the tassels are unraveling every time I touch them. Perhaps I should stop now but this is too much fun.


Dunk ’em and leave them

Do you ever ask for an autopsy on a simple teabag? Do you place it straight in the bin or do you toss it on the garden? Compost fodder? Or do you reuse it for the next cup?
Recycling can make you crazy. Separating out the rubbish, how far do you go?
How long does it take for the paper on a teabag to return to the earth? Days? Months? Years? Just wondering aloud here. A moment’s thought while I dunk.

Teddy on a Shelf

I had a brand new teddy bear. Briefly. There was a “bring your toy to kindergarten” day. Mum and Dad told me not to take my teddy bear along as I might lose it. I insisted, as any four year old would, of course, I wouldn’t lose my teddy bear. I would look after it. And you all know what happened next. I did lose it. And in it’s place was left a rather sad looking patched up much older teddy bear. It wasn’t the same. I was devastated. It was Christmas time and the end of the kindergarten year and everyone was leaving to go home. It was impossible to find the culprit. It was a hard lesson learned.
Why is it that parents really do know best, sometimes?

Mate in how many moves?

Bit of a tight spot!

Art Journal Entry Two

Marcus Aurelius’ journal was written for himself. He didn’t write it for the masses. He would be humbled to know how well known he is today not for ruling Rome but for his writing.

Italian sunglasses

The Italians have such cool designs for sunglasses!
10 minute sketch, pen and wash

Cafe sketching