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Grabbed by a stranger

I was grabbed on the arm by a stranger.
What did I do? Absolutely nothing.
There was turbulence during the flight. She grabbed my arm, She was scared.
Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all.


Pull up a chair

I still like the old summer deck chair, you know the one with the wooden frame and the canvas for the body support, the one that folded flat when you weren’t using it. Ours was a green, black and white striped canvas. I also remembered to keep my fingers clear of where the wood crossed at the join. I have good memories on the back lawn, running my fingers through the grass as I close my eyes and feel the heat of the sun through my eye lids. Summer days of bliss.

Tea Light Oil Burner

15 minute sketch.
Surprised when stopping to look at the glass holder at the top, the optical illusion of the tripod points not meeting where I thought they would have been. Like a straw in a glass of water.

Soft Tofu Stew

Rain and hail today, 14 degrees, felt like 12!

Art Journal red stamp

It may be raining but I am warm as toast. I had cheese and vegemite on toast. Brought back memories of childhood and weekend casual lunches.

Art Journal Shinagawa

You know when you get excited about something you are doing and you just want to share… and you do share, and the magic escapes as soon as you have shared… before it is done. You try to do more and you can’t do it the way you had wanted to do it. Sometimes you just kick yourself! That’s life. Part of the process. Learn, move on and do the next one. Do, do, do…la la la ……do do do….

Art Journal Entry One

I enjoyed A LOT of  time on the Internet on Sunday browsing through what people were doing and I stumbled upon the habit of the art journal. Wow, there are some amazing journals out there and so I thought I would try my own.
Some people add cutouts from magazines, photos or embellishments, stamps,…
For now I have decided to just use a pen and wash, I will see where it leads me…
I am limited only by my own imagination!

Isn’t it nice when you feel inspired by others!

Here are some visuals that pointed me in the direction of Art Journaling.
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