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One lucky paper crane

It’s just a piece of paper you might think but look closely. It’s much much more. It is folded many times, turned upside down and twisted a little and it becomes a crane. Not just an ordinary crane but a lucky one. A crane that is given is a lucky one. That’s what I think. When you string them together into a thousand it becomes a wish or a memorial or a prayer for peace. I just have a one yellow one to share today. I can’t remember how long I’ve had it but I can’t bear to throw it away. It’s lucky after all.
Make a thousand by yourself and make a wish. If anything it will teach you patience and perseverance!



peaceDoesn’t it start from within?
A moment’s peace…
Do what you love and the peace will follow.
Enjoy and go do.
What will you do today that’s different?
Oh and just be careful with this hand gesture, the peace sign is made with the top of your hand facing towards you. To be clear the image above is of the right hand of a person with this hand gesture, or making the PEACE sign. The hand held in this gesture facing the opposite way means something else and not something you would show to a stranger, it may start a fight.