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Out of chocolate fish

Out of chocolate fish! Gasp! How will I cope? I checked the freezer. None there.  I love frozen chocolate fish. Time for a trip to Marshmallow Island for some fishing.


Feeling Lucky

When the fish are biting it is a wonderful feeling. When they don’t, it is a long sit looking at water, feeding fish. Sometimes it is better to give up and just watch the sunrise. I’m tired of eating tinned tuna!

Identify my fish

I bought a fish today. Firstly to sketch, secondly to eat.  I wanted a whole fish and I wanted a small one.
Good Friday, the fish market was busy.
Now the sign said “Piper.” It is not a variety I know, but it was the right size and looked like a small mackerel so I bought it.
I got it home and put it straight into the fridge.
Sketching stuff out, fish out of the fridge, out of the bag, and on closer inspection, I was charged for a “mackerel.”  I’m not complaining as it was half the price of the piper.
I looked up piper or garfish and checked the shape, , no, different nose.
Still not sure what I sketched but I’m sticking with “piper,” unless someone can tell me otherwise.  Anyone?

Pilot Pigment Ink Drawing Pen 0.5 and wash