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Happy New Year!

No New Year’s Resolutions here, but I plan to eat less chocolate fish, nap less and sketch more. The sketchbook is under a pile of chocolate fish wrappers so I can’t reach it. Sorry. 😦 Will get to that after my nap….

May you have many chocolate fish, pleasant dreams, a warm roof over your head, good conversation and happy thoughts of inspiration! Night night little ones! Sleep tight and Happy New Year!


Out of chocolate fish

Out of chocolate fish! Gasp! How will I cope? I checked the freezer. None there.  I love frozen chocolate fish. Time for a trip to Marshmallow Island for some fishing.

I’m home!

This sketch took a long time! I really enjoyed myself in the process though. I knew it would take time and so I rolled down the window, turned the music up and enjoyed the ride. Once I had done the pen part, I decided I needed a break away to sleep on it. I didn’t want to botch up the colour. Pleased that I walked away midway. I opted for a smaller water brush this time for the detailed areas.
Enjoying a chocolate fish after this one!