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Stretched out on a hotel towel

Don’t you love stretching out on a hotel towel? Pool side. The biggest decision of the day is whether to roll over now or later. Followed by if I nap now will the sun umbrella cover me for the whole afternoon?
I must be dreaming as the towel is on the bed and the tassels are unraveling every time I touch them. Perhaps I should stop now but this is too much fun.



Timed pen sketch completed with BGM.
Set the timer to 15 minutes but finished within 10 minutes.

Pen: .TOO Coptic  Multiliner Pigment Ink Water & Coptic Proof 0.1

Identify my fish

I bought a fish today. Firstly to sketch, secondly to eat.  I wanted a whole fish and I wanted a small one.
Good Friday, the fish market was busy.
Now the sign said “Piper.” It is not a variety I know, but it was the right size and looked like a small mackerel so I bought it.
I got it home and put it straight into the fridge.
Sketching stuff out, fish out of the fridge, out of the bag, and on closer inspection, I was charged for a “mackerel.”  I’m not complaining as it was half the price of the piper.
I looked up piper or garfish and checked the shape, , no, different nose.
Still not sure what I sketched but I’m sticking with “piper,” unless someone can tell me otherwise.  Anyone?

Pilot Pigment Ink Drawing Pen 0.5 and wash

Cuppa Chamomile

What a difference a year makes.

Here I am again going back to basics.  I was recently inspired by the skill of the artist Jose Alberto Marchi.  His preciseness of the human form in oils.  His works look like photographs for his recent exhibition in Latin American Masters at Bergamot Station, but they are not.  He demonstrates his skill, he plays with the idea of negatives and if you look closely you can see the change of gender or the absence of a party.  You cannot see his brushstrokes.  Oh, to reach that skill level.  They are an adaptation of a series of photographs by T. Eakins, in oils.

So here I am instead starting back again with a pen, this time a graphic one.  Doesn’t matter what the tool, the fact that I am actually doing it is the challenge.  If I improve so much the better.  Let’s just start back with just being here.  Chance Gardner gets it.  Just be.

One stroke at a time…

Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen and Tablet CTE-450
Adobe Illustrator, Pencil Tool

Indian Designs V

Yes. More sketches from the book 5000 Designs and Motifs from India by Ajit Mookerjee.
Blocking in the colour for the elephant I used a fine pen where as I could have used a thicker one. Provides for a different texture.

Pen: Sakura Pigma Graphic Nouvel 02

Indian Designs IV

Yet more sketches from the book 5000 Designs and Motifs from India by Ajit Mookerjee.
Found that the heavier lines done with the thicker pen, 08, look too heavy and prefer the thinner lines.
The heavier lines tend to bleed into the paper more and can be seen on the reverse side.

Pen: Sakura Pigma Graphic Nouvel 02 and Pilot Drawing Pen M-20DR 08

Indian Designs III

Even more sketches from the book 5000 Designs and Motifs from India by Ajit Mookerjee

Pen: Sakura Pigma Graphic Nouvel 02