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Dunk ’em and leave them

Do you ever ask for an autopsy on a simple teabag? Do you place it straight in the bin or do you toss it on the garden? Compost fodder? Or do you reuse it for the next cup?
Recycling can make you crazy. Separating out the rubbish, how far do you go?
How long does it take for the paper on a teabag to return to the earth? Days? Months? Years? Just wondering aloud here. A moment’s thought while I dunk.


Such a thing as a shy troll?

Is there such a thing as a shy troll? Well, when I went to sketch my troll, he turned away. All I could do was sketch the backside, so to speak. He does have a beautiful smile and that makes me smile.

Out of chocolate fish

Out of chocolate fish! Gasp! How will I cope? I checked the freezer. None there.  I love frozen chocolate fish. Time for a trip to Marshmallow Island for some fishing.

One lucky paper crane

It’s just a piece of paper you might think but look closely. It’s much much more. It is folded many times, turned upside down and twisted a little and it becomes a crane. Not just an ordinary crane but a lucky one. A crane that is given is a lucky one. That’s what I think. When you string them together into a thousand it becomes a wish or a memorial or a prayer for peace. I just have a one yellow one to share today. I can’t remember how long I’ve had it but I can’t bear to throw it away. It’s lucky after all.
Make a thousand by yourself and make a wish. If anything it will teach you patience and perseverance!

Teddy on a Shelf

I had a brand new teddy bear. Briefly. There was a “bring your toy to kindergarten” day. Mum and Dad told me not to take my teddy bear along as I might lose it. I insisted, as any four year old would, of course, I wouldn’t lose my teddy bear. I would look after it. And you all know what happened next. I did lose it. And in it’s place was left a rather sad looking patched up much older teddy bear. It wasn’t the same. I was devastated. It was Christmas time and the end of the kindergarten year and everyone was leaving to go home. It was impossible to find the culprit. It was a hard lesson learned.
Why is it that parents really do know best, sometimes?

A weakness

I have a weakness for fountain pens.
Lamy is one of my everyday favourites.

Lamy is a German pen maker that has been around since 1930. The name Lamy is the surname of the founder, Josef Lamy.

The fountain pen above is a Lamy Safari Lime Green with a violet ink cartridge.
What’s in your pencil case?

Playing with matches


Guy Fawkes Day, get ready for fireworks!

Today in history Guy Fawkes plot was was uncovered on 5 November in 1605.

Who would have thought we will still be “celebrating” the plot to blow up London’s Parliament? What a shame it is has never been a public holiday. A day off school or work! Thirty barrels of gunpowder were discovered in the basement of Parliament ahead of time. What’s in your basement or garden shed?

How ever you spend your day play safely with matches, especially around children and animals. Aim your fireworks away from people and homes. Personally I still get a huge kick out of sparklers. I love writing with sparklers. You have to write fast. No thought involved! Just pure fun and giggles. The child in me never turns down an moment of fun.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!