Higglety Pigglety Baa

Ever wonder where  stories comes from? Do you really think you are clever enough to do it all by yourself? Is it really you thinking these thoughts or are we just puppets and someone has put memories in our heads, dreams, ideas. Is deja vu just the replicant inside us wanting to get out?

I have watched the film Blade Runner again! The replicants are human as we are except their emotions are a little off and with a lifespan of four years. Is it better to have a shorter life span that is full or a longer one that is less so?  We all want more. To want more is to be human, but learning to say, “that’s enough, I’m good” is almost rare these days. Jumping, risking, crying, dancing, laughing, and trying is part of being human. Do our emotions define us as being human? Who knows? Go enjoy those human emotions and laugh a little or a lot. Just go off and have a nice weekend.

Sweet dreams! How many electric sheep will you count jumping over the moon tonight?


4 responses to “Higglety Pigglety Baa

  1. LOVE your electric sheep!

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