Playing with matches


Guy Fawkes Day, get ready for fireworks!

Today in history Guy Fawkes plot was was uncovered on 5 November in 1605.

Who would have thought we will still be “celebrating” the plot to blow up London’s Parliament? What a shame it is has never been a public holiday. A day off school or work! Thirty barrels of gunpowder were discovered in the basement of Parliament ahead of time. What’s in your basement or garden shed?

How ever you spend your day play safely with matches, especially around children and animals. Aim your fireworks away from people and homes. Personally I still get a huge kick out of sparklers. I love writing with sparklers. You have to write fast. No thought involved! Just pure fun and giggles. The child in me never turns down an moment of fun.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!


2 responses to “Playing with matches

  1. Your illustration is charming.

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