It’s up to you to decide, not me


Develop your own taste in art

When you look at a picture or a painting do you look at it with your own eyes or do you know already what you think because you have read about it.  It may be easier to read the description, the write up about the painting or the review but that’s too easy. Looking for yourself and taking time to sit and think, ponder. That takes time and effort. If you want to grow your art appreciation you need to view many paintings and other art. Through your own eyes you have to decide what is good/great/awful/okay. And remember a photograph in a book of a painting does not usually do it justice. Do not dismiss a painting purely because it doesn’t photograph well. An open mind is required. You may be in for a pleasant surprise. And that is what we want, to be surprised, to be inspired, delighted.

Don’t expect to like what the experts like. Like what you like. Develop your taste and it will change as your journey continues.

If you see a painting and you think differently from the person standing beside you, or even the artist, that’s okay, isn’t it? Of course, it’s okay. You don’t need to voice your dislike directly to the artist. Well that would just be plain rude. Manners, people. Whether you like or dislike a painting  is up to you but your reasons for feeling so may differ from the next viewer. Sometimes we don’t even need to explain. Why should we? Yet sometimes we flip sides and go from like to dislike and the reverse too. Sometimes we get bored with a painting over time. Sometimes we see things deeper in a painting the more often we look.

Sometimes I wonder why we should articulate why we like a painting or expect an artist to write a short description about a painting.  Surely the painting should stand on it’s own. A painting is a medium to express something visually, why should it need anything else? There may be a particular motivation for a painting, and perhaps the artist doesn’t want to have to explain or maybe they have no idea why he/she painted, he/she just did it. Trying to make it sound complicated just limits the audience. We all enjoy looking at things but when you try to exclude others by making it complicated when it’s not your audience is smaller by your own making. Art is to be viewed by all, unless it’s R18+ material and then you need to cover your child’s eyes. So maybe, just maybe, a description is helpful to say those checking out art online to go view an exhibition with children. Oh well.

Go seek art and decide for yourself!


4 responses to “It’s up to you to decide, not me

  1. I agree! Art is subjective. The tough part these days is actually deciding what is art and what is not. Guess that’s always been the case… hmmm…guess that is subjective too! 😉

    • Hi moongirl, thanks for stopping by for a chat.
      Yes, what is art? Art doesn’t have to be just in a museum or a gallery with a price tag on it. It can be everywhere you look in nature for starters…what one person thinks is art another will think otherwise… Liking different things makes life interesting! Subjective, as you said. And then we are free to change our minds at any time too! 🙂

  2. No need to articulate why-I like it!

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