Good luck may come unexpectedly

The Japanese proverb “Inu mo arukeba bou ni ataru.” literally means “Even a dog will bump into a pole if it walks,” which sounds terrible but what it is trying to say is that good luck may come unexpectedly! Action creates luck.
I have bumped into a pole literally and figuratively!
Make your own luck, stop dreaming and take a walk. You might just bump into a pole!


12 responses to “Good luck may come unexpectedly

  1. I really like it Kait !
    Will try my best to bump into a pole ! πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Oh I like this a lot! Love the artwork and the thought!

  3. Gorgeous! That’s it, no more procrastinating by me about getting out and about today!

  4. When I bump into poles I just think I’m stupid. Lol

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