Cool Blue Light Syndrome

I think I have been spending too much time with my iPad. Looking at a screen before lights out doesn’t encourage a good night’s sleep. Blue cool tone lights like LED, such as computer screens, iPads, televisions and the like is what I am talking about here. I read about red tones being more soothing to get rest. Easier on the eyes,plus the brain. Kindles have a better back light and I’m beginning to understand why.
F.lux software, which is free. I haven’t used it yet nor do I know much about it but it makes sense. As of today there is only software for the mac and pc not for iPads. What it does is gives a warn tone on your screen. Not that I am encouraging you to use your technology longer but better.
I am choosing to charge my iPad in another room while I sleep. I am giving my iPad a rest from me.
Sweet dreams!


2 responses to “Cool Blue Light Syndrome

  1. Interesting-this is the second time today that I have head about F.lux software-I think I will check it out-

    • I think with more screen time whether with or without intention having the “easier on the eye” version will only be better. We could just switch off and read a book though as an alternative, or sit and look at the night sky and gaze at the stars. 🙂

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