The bag that never got opened

It is nice to be prepared. To take things away with you that you might need. But it can also be annoying when you bring stuff with you and you just don’t get around to using.  Speaking from experience here.  Very recently.
On the other hand when you decide not to bring something, you end up wanting it right there and then.
There can never be a perfect packing list. And with today’s travel and the ability to buy things almost anywhere, to be connected almost anywhere you can never be too far away from consumables.  Some people take their passport, a credit card and cash. They expect to buy things they need at their destination. I have never tried it.

Do you pack half of what you think you should take because that is the way the experts pack?  Or do you take stuff because you bought it especially to take away with you?
How many times have you been away and bought nothing?  I always end up with a holiday purchase or two.
I feel that the more often I travel the less I take.  But not always true.

I would like to travel without my computer one day.

Pen: Staedtler pigment liner 0.5, Pentel Color Brush Sepia #141, and water colour
Paper:  Croquis, cream, A4 acid free paper

*The halo effect again using paper that is not suitable for wash. I won’t be buying this sketch pad again for pen and wash if I want to scan the page too.
I could take a photo of the page instead of scanning.



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