The Perfect Travelling Art Sketchbook Hold-em All Sac

How many times did you wish you had your sketchbook with you?
Here is my solution: The perfect travelling art sketchbook hold-em all sac.
Sure it won’t fit in your handbag but it will fit in a larger bag. And it is already packed and waiting for whenever. Pockets and zips are everywhere. Velcro strips to hold more still. A section for the fixative, the rubber (eraser if you prefer), the pencils, pens, charcoal, putty rubber, pencil sharpener, the A4 sketchpad, the notebook, the water colour travel set, the brushes, the camera. Cotton buds (Q-tips) are handy as well as a small pack of tissues. A plastic bag too perhaps? It really does hold all. It has a handle too.  I suppose it is ideal for the weekend away or a car trip or if you are going somewhere with a back pack, or a suitcase. It was originally designed as a computer accessories bag I think, but I though it would be great for sketching.  And I was right.
I think it is waterproof but luckily I haven’t had to put it to the test. Hence, the plastic bag, if you want to think worst case scenario. A plastic bag also keeps your wet brushes away from things which shouldn’t get wet or stained.
It is as heavy as you want it to be. Obviously the more you put in it the more it will weigh.
If I am using it to get from A to B, creating a portable studio, then weight is not an issue.
Or on a day trip then I just need the essentials.
But if I am using it to get from A to B and then taking it on a day trip,  well then I get to take what I like and then empty out the non-essentials when I take my day trip.
But I need to remember that I set it up as a travelling sac, and the more convenient it is to carry the more often I will use it.
I could even leave it by the front door so I could take it on a whim.

Pen: Maxon procolor II 0.8  Sepia and water colour


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