Florentine Pineapples

Italy is a wonderland of decoration, every inch seems to be planned, touched and designed.  I love the place.  So much to see and so much to take in.  Many trips needed.  You can visit the same place time and again and still notice the new.  Your eyes have changed, your sense has changed, your mood is different, the light is different, the weather, the number of people, your confidence to stop and notice the small and the big picture.

Giardino di Boboli (Boboli Gardens) just behind the Palazzo Pitti (Pitti Palace) in Florence, Italy covers about 11 acres and is full of sculpture and pathways and fountains among other delights.  A good place to wander about and it gives you a great view of Florence.  This wrought iron pineapple was part of the fencing in front of the Orangerie, which was unfortunately closed at the time. This didn’t stop the resident cats that wandered where ever they pleased.  Fences were nothing for them.

Pen: Sai Outline Brush Pen and Wash


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