Stretched out on a hotel towel

Don’t you love stretching out on a hotel towel? Pool side. The biggest decision of the day is whether to roll over now or later. Followed by if I nap now will the sun umbrella cover me for the whole afternoon?
I must be dreaming as the towel is on the bed and the tassels are unraveling every time I touch them. Perhaps I should stop now but this is too much fun.


Happy New Year!

No New Year’s Resolutions here, but I plan to eat less chocolate fish, nap less and sketch more. The sketchbook is under a pile of chocolate fish wrappers so I can’t reach it. Sorry. 😦 Will get to that after my nap….

May you have many chocolate fish, pleasant dreams, a warm roof over your head, good conversation and happy thoughts of inspiration! Night night little ones! Sleep tight and Happy New Year!

Dunk ’em and leave them

Do you ever ask for an autopsy on a simple teabag? Do you place it straight in the bin or do you toss it on the garden? Compost fodder? Or do you reuse it for the next cup?
Recycling can make you crazy. Separating out the rubbish, how far do you go?
How long does it take for the paper on a teabag to return to the earth? Days? Months? Years? Just wondering aloud here. A moment’s thought while I dunk.

Such a thing as a shy troll?

Is there such a thing as a shy troll? Well, when I went to sketch my troll, he turned away. All I could do was sketch the backside, so to speak. He does have a beautiful smile and that makes me smile.

Which way?

Which direction are you going? Which ever way that may be, may you go boldly forward one step at a time.

Out of chocolate fish

Out of chocolate fish! Gasp! How will I cope? I checked the freezer. None there.  I love frozen chocolate fish. Time for a trip to Marshmallow Island for some fishing.

One lucky paper crane

It’s just a piece of paper you might think but look closely. It’s much much more. It is folded many times, turned upside down and twisted a little and it becomes a crane. Not just an ordinary crane but a lucky one. A crane that is given is a lucky one. That’s what I think. When you string them together into a thousand it becomes a wish or a memorial or a prayer for peace. I just have a one yellow one to share today. I can’t remember how long I’ve had it but I can’t bear to throw it away. It’s lucky after all.
Make a thousand by yourself and make a wish. If anything it will teach you patience and perseverance!